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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goodbuys And A Mystery

The gorgeous hand carved swan decoy in my
antiques booth has swum off to a new home.

Yup, swum.

Mr. Swan hung out in the booth for several months before
some sharp-eyed collector spotted him.
Or, maybe, just someone who thought,
"Hey, cool.  A big swan!"


Also off to a good home, the 2-drawer stand on the left, below.
A lovely and useful original antique - 
well made American country furniture, early 19th century.
With glass pulls to die for.
My favorite kind of furniture - spare and graceful,
and not machine made.

And now, a mystery.

The tole tray on its stand has gone AWOL.
It's not in my list of "sold" items,
and it's not in the booth.

There are occasional thefts at the shop, but
I cannot imagine anyone smuggling
this out under his or her raincoat.

Most likely, it's taken a walk to some other booth and settled down
there for a cuppa and a chat with the other old geezers.

Or, it was sold, and credited to another dealer by mistake.

Eh, I'll figure it out later this week when I'm back at Somerville
for some booth-sprucing.  Many smalls are sold, and
some furniture, so it's looking kind of bare at the old booth.

I wish you all good things in 2013 and beyond.
-- Cass