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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Booth sales were sluggish in November.
Truth?  "Sluggish" would have been an improvement.

So why, with sluggish sales, am I on the verge
of taking a second booth at another antiques mall?

Because I'm crazy?
Yes, there is that ever-present factor.

Because I've got a really supportive husband, who likes
that being busy with antiques keeps me (mostly) out of mischief?
Well, yes.

Because I think I can better target what people might want to buy
if I split my inventory between two very different locations?

I am beginning to accept that I am not my own buyer!

I have a passion for American country furniture from
the 19th century (18th if I can find it!).

Pieces like this:

And this:

Sadly for my sales, American country furniture
is languishing in all too many antiques shops.
 Despite all that gorgeous patina.
These pieces have such character, and they are
part of our country's history.

But period antiques are just not hot right now,
even at bargain prices.

What is selling?
Let me give you an example:
this little table sat for months in my booth, in its original state:

I finally brought it back home, painted it with
Old White chalk paint, and popped it back to the booth.

It sold in just a few days.

Time to change tactics, don't you think?

I have been peeking around at other antiques malls,
looking for one that would be a good fit for the American furniture.
I think I have found it.

I'll be changing the Somerville Center Antiques location
to appeal more to people just starting to furnish their homes,
rather than collectors.  My period antiques will move to . . .

I'll let you know when I sign the contract!

Yeah, I'm such a tease.  :-P  
Merry Christmas!  -- Cass

Monday, December 3, 2012

What's the Opposite of Smalls?

Antiques dealers lump their china and knick-knacks,
their antique linens and lamps and artwork,
under the vast umbrella of "Smalls."

Sales at my antiques booth lately have been mostly "smalls." 
Smalls are what dealers call things that aren't, well, LARGE.

These are smalls:

And so is this:

This is not: 

Here's a whole bunch of Smalls:

And . . . ditto:

So what do you call things that are not
classified as "Smalls?"

I like to call them "Sold!"
This gorgeous little table sold last week
to a lucky customer, whom I hope is
just crazy in love with it.

'Cause it deserves the very best of homes.

I hope you had a wonderful, bountiful,
and beautiful Thanksgiving!  -- Cass