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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hey Lady, Get Back To Work!

"Sold" is A Good Thing 
when you have an antiques booth.

Small-scale refinished cherry drop leaf table.  Sold.

 Not replacing what's been sold
with new old stuff?
Not so good.

Used to have two of these old darlings.  Both Sold.

I am guilty as charged.

Nursery chair, tray table, 19th century stand, and "smalls."

I popped into my booth at
Somerville Center Antiques the other day.

All Sold.

I have been neglecting it lately.

Pretty much everything in this picture, except the cradle, Sold.

I didn't take a picture of the
near-empty booth. Too neglected-looking.

I've got some things in storage to haul out and polish up,
or paint, or otherwise make ready for a new life.

Like this piece:
This adorable miniature bombe chest needs a little more work before it is
booth-worthy.  It's been vacationing in my parlor;
I will miss its chubby good looks when it goes to the booth!

On Sunday, Howard and I are going to
a country auction.  In a barn.

Out in the boondocks of northern New Jersey.
Yes, there are boondocks in northern New Jersey,
and they are beautiful.

Wish us luck!  -- Cass