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Friday, August 24, 2012

Squatty and Glam

Good morning!  What a gorgeous August day.

Anne and I are popping into the booth
a little later, to bring two new - rather, old - items.

One looks as if it should be
dancing in a Disney cartoon.
It's a small, vintage bombe' chest.

The other piece has a little bit of the bling about it.

If you are curious about their histories,
visit That Old House today.  
Now I'm heading for a 2nd cup of coffee . . . Cass
And a bit of random information:  a bombe chest is a French style of dresser or commode (stop giggling, not that kind of commode!), with a rounded or curved "belly" and short legs. It is pronounced "bom-bay" but is spelled with an "e" at the end, not an "ay."  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Auction-ing, Again

So on Tuesday, daughter Anne and I scuttled off
to eastern Pennsylvania
for an estate and household goods auction.

Where a cigar store Indian went for 16-thousand dollars.
No, I didn't buy it.
Good grief . . . 16 grand.  Makes my head spin.
Yup.  That's the Indian that fetched so much moolah.

But at the end of the evening, into the back of the red minivan
went a Sheraton wash stand in need of a surface refinishing,
an Eastlake settee that is just adorable but will probably get new fabric,
and a really pretty pie-crust-style table with snazzy legs.
It just needs a waxing, bless its little heart.

Oddly enough, all of the really nice things at this
Pennsylvania auction came out of houses in New Jersey.
Which greatly amuses me.

No time to show them to you --
I'm working at Somerville Center Antiques today,
bringing the pie crust table and my can of beeswax with me.
No rest for the wicked.

Happy Wednesday!  -- Cass

Sunday, August 19, 2012


A call today from Somerville Center Antiques,
letting me know that the little antique desk-slash-vanity
that I popped into the booth 2 weeks ago was sold today.

Now I have room to pop in the spinet desk,
and a couple of other little beauties.

Still working on getting rid of that awful
black smudge on the Nikon's lens.  Or, getting a Canon again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


On Saturday, at an auction, we picked up
a Hickory wing chair,
and popped it into the antiques booth.
Someone bought it today,
 taking it off to a glamorous new life.
Proving that there is still a market for plaid.

We like "sold."  
Partly for the money thing.
But even more for the "now I get to find more stuff" thing.

That's what I'm doing now . . . finding more stuff.
Hey, someone's got to do it.  -- Cass

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Booting Up The Booth

I think that jabbering on about my antiques booth on That Old House is boring for TOH readers . . . so Booth jabber will now be on this blog, That Old Stuff.

Which I began a year and a half ago.
And wrote one post.
And didn't even make it public.

This was my first booth set-up, above.
I opened my booth at Somerville Center Antiques during Thanksgiving week 2011.  Most things sold, eventually, and new things came and went.  Which made me realize that if I wanted to really have some fun with this . . . I needed more space.

6' x 9' just wasn't going to make it.

In August 2012, my little booth moved into a bigger space - 8' x 12' - and so far, so good.

Oh yikes.  When I see the booth in pictures, it looks awful. I really need to do something about those walls.

And that is not a horrid black stain in these pictures; it is something on the lens of my camera.  My hated Nikon.  Hmmm ... could this be a good enough reason to get a new Canon?
Please say "Yes!"

 Furniture is what I really love to find.  Today I picked up an antique spinet desk at a beautiful home in Glen Rock, New Jersey.  The desk is adorable.

And one way or another, I'll squeeze it into the booth.  Check back on Friday.  Right now, it's still in the red minivan, on its back, snoozing, and faintly rattling at speeds above 40 MPH.

One of the hardest things about selling antiques and vintage stuff is . . . you kind of want to keep things.  Like, most things.

Like, a nice old quilt.  Does anyone out there know the name of this quilt pattern?  What I know about old quilts is pretty much nuttin' honey.

Remember the one-drawer stand I got off Craigslist last Thursday?  It sold the second day in the new booth.  Furniture works for me.

But what about wanting to keep everything you find?  You watch an episode of Hoarders, and there goes your need to keep it all.  Plus, you remind yourself that you have a husband.

Sanity.  It's a Good Thing.

And now I need to go and figure out how to make this blog public.  Ugh. Not my strong suit -- Cass