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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year For Old Things!

It's a New Year.

And I am making a resolution to devote more of my
time and energy to my antiques booth;
I've been lackadaisical and slapdash, and sales reflect that.

I've downsized, and switched to the other side of the shop
to give myself a swift kick of newness.  Fingers crossed!

There have been sales, though.
In this picture, below, all the chairs but one are sold.  The pink table?  Gone!
The white nightstand?  Gone!  So are the big oil painting on the left wall,
and the 6-board chest on the left -- one of my favorites!

This little bombe chest?  Gone to another home!

Too many smalls to list, thank goodness!
Also selling - old home decor magazines.
They aren't really vintage, but they have loads of ideas of 
how to use vintage and antique furnishings in a home.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2014.
What more could we want? -- Cass

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fill 'er Up! Stocking The Booth

Out with the old . . . 
and In with the old!

There are some new old things in the booth.

Ms. Gilda would like to introduce you to a small-scale mahogany
bombe chest, with a William Morris paper decoupage top.

She's a curvy gal.

A formerly beat-up 1940s mahogany chest has new life
in a coat of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint,
and a well-buffed coat of wax.  Decoupage on top: origami squares
and Ralph Lauren glaze in tobacco.

Whoa.  Pink.
A 50 year old lift-off tray table gets a glam
treatment with hot pink paint, and a 
modern decoupage paper under the glass.

Snazzy.  And very pink.
Yes, it's a strong but beautiful color, and such fun.

 I can see martini glasses and bowls of
Cheez-Its on this table, can't you?

 Somerville Center Antiques is at 34 West Main Street in
downtown  Somerville, New Jersey.  Lots and lots of dealers,
but I think I'm the only one with a
hot pink tray table in residence just now.

Lots of new "smalls," too - from the serious to the very silly.
Which makes it fun!  -- Cass

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stuff, And More Stuff

Last time I checked, my little booth at 
Somerville Center Antiques looked like this:

But since then, some stuff has sold.

These are pictures from August.

I need to bring more stuff to the booth.

The enormous handbag on the Windsor is not for sale; it's mine.
Why don't I notice these things when I am taking the picture?

Today, after I put away all (most?) of the stuff
I brought home from the beach house
this weekend, I'll start Craigslist surfing.

One of my favorite thrift shops re-opens today,
after its summer hiatus.  Wow, that went fast!

Golly gee . . . what a hardship, to have to go out thrifting and auction-ing and estate-sale-ing, all to
hunt up more vintage goodies.  

Do you feel sorry for me?
No?   :-)
Wanna come?  Hop in the new minivan!  -- Cass                          

Monday, August 19, 2013

Old Stuff, from a New Auction

On Sunday, Howard and I grabbed some black coffee and a bagel, and climbed into the minivan for an hour's ride to rural western New Jersey.

What can lead us to miss church 
and a little extra sleep?
An auction!  
It was a small one, at a private home,
but auctions are our favorite way of
finding treasures for our antiques booth.

We were disappointed to be outbid
on some furniture we wanted,
getting only this sweet little muffin stand:

Other goodies included a lovely old glass compote,
and wonderfully stocky, big glass candleholders.

Loads of well-kept old linens.  Lucky find!
Tablecloths, napkins, runners . . . .

A box of assorted Austrian china.

My favorite auction win: antique silverplate flatware.
Service for 12, with extra pieces, in 
Community Plate's "Patrician" design,
introduced in 1914.

Beautifully monogrammed.
Use this, and you have Instant Ancestors!

It's in wonderful vintage condition - shiny and with great patina.
The old blunt silverplated French blade knives
mark the set as pre-1920.  Not bad for almost a century old!

Within a couple of days, all this will be in our booth
at Somerville Center Antiques in Somerville, NJ.
Look us up!  -- Cass

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Too-Lazy Days of Summer

Bad Cass.
My poor booth at Somerville Center Antiques
is limping along, pining from neglect.

I need to pull my socks up and get back to work.

Recent Sales:
A vintage Windsor-style bench.
I kind of wish I had kept it for our front hall!

Also sold, one of my favorites,
this Swedish style settee from Ethan Allen:
Such a really pretty piece, and fits right into either 
country French or Scandinavian design.
That wickerwork on the sides is double, too, and in perfect condition. Gorgeous!
Someone wanted to buy the odd little corner cabinet
that I use for display only . . . I'm not sure if he took it or not.

There it is, below.
It ain't no great beauty, but it's useful in the booth.

Well, time to get off the computer,
and open up the Mod Podge.
Yup.  You heard me right.
-- Cass

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hey Lady, Get Back To Work!

"Sold" is A Good Thing 
when you have an antiques booth.

Small-scale refinished cherry drop leaf table.  Sold.

 Not replacing what's been sold
with new old stuff?
Not so good.

Used to have two of these old darlings.  Both Sold.

I am guilty as charged.

Nursery chair, tray table, 19th century stand, and "smalls."

I popped into my booth at
Somerville Center Antiques the other day.

All Sold.

I have been neglecting it lately.

Pretty much everything in this picture, except the cradle, Sold.

I didn't take a picture of the
near-empty booth. Too neglected-looking.

I've got some things in storage to haul out and polish up,
or paint, or otherwise make ready for a new life.

Like this piece:
This adorable miniature bombe chest needs a little more work before it is
booth-worthy.  It's been vacationing in my parlor;
I will miss its chubby good looks when it goes to the booth!

On Sunday, Howard and I are going to
a country auction.  In a barn.

Out in the boondocks of northern New Jersey.
Yes, there are boondocks in northern New Jersey,
and they are beautiful.

Wish us luck!  -- Cass

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Graffiti?

Business has been moribund at my antiques
booth at Somerville Center Antiques.

Now there's a perfectly good word that I don't think I have ever used before.

This slump is probably the fault of a slow post-holiday economy,
and my totally ignoring maintenance and updating at the booth.
Probably more the latter.

Daughter Anne says she'll give me a hand this week,
moving some no-sellers back home, and bringing in new items.

And - because she is both an artist and a good soul -
she has agreed to help me do something with the
walls of the booth, which currently are a dull and dreary,
scuffed and worn-looking cream color.  Ick.

What will we do?
I'll let you know after we do it.
I probably should ask the landlord first . . . .