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Monday, August 19, 2013

Old Stuff, from a New Auction

On Sunday, Howard and I grabbed some black coffee and a bagel, and climbed into the minivan for an hour's ride to rural western New Jersey.

What can lead us to miss church 
and a little extra sleep?
An auction!  
It was a small one, at a private home,
but auctions are our favorite way of
finding treasures for our antiques booth.

We were disappointed to be outbid
on some furniture we wanted,
getting only this sweet little muffin stand:

Other goodies included a lovely old glass compote,
and wonderfully stocky, big glass candleholders.

Loads of well-kept old linens.  Lucky find!
Tablecloths, napkins, runners . . . .

A box of assorted Austrian china.

My favorite auction win: antique silverplate flatware.
Service for 12, with extra pieces, in 
Community Plate's "Patrician" design,
introduced in 1914.

Beautifully monogrammed.
Use this, and you have Instant Ancestors!

It's in wonderful vintage condition - shiny and with great patina.
The old blunt silverplated French blade knives
mark the set as pre-1920.  Not bad for almost a century old!

Within a couple of days, all this will be in our booth
at Somerville Center Antiques in Somerville, NJ.
Look us up!  -- Cass

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