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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stuff, And More Stuff

Last time I checked, my little booth at 
Somerville Center Antiques looked like this:

But since then, some stuff has sold.

These are pictures from August.

I need to bring more stuff to the booth.

The enormous handbag on the Windsor is not for sale; it's mine.
Why don't I notice these things when I am taking the picture?

Today, after I put away all (most?) of the stuff
I brought home from the beach house
this weekend, I'll start Craigslist surfing.

One of my favorite thrift shops re-opens today,
after its summer hiatus.  Wow, that went fast!

Golly gee . . . what a hardship, to have to go out thrifting and auction-ing and estate-sale-ing, all to
hunt up more vintage goodies.  

Do you feel sorry for me?
No?   :-)
Wanna come?  Hop in the new minivan!  -- Cass                          


  1. I want to come, but you won't have room for all the stuff you find with 2 car seats and a stroller!! I miss our playdates!

  2. No sympathy from me - I just want to come along!

  3. Me Too!!
    I think it would be a most FUN day!!


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