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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year For Old Things!

It's a New Year.

And I am making a resolution to devote more of my
time and energy to my antiques booth;
I've been lackadaisical and slapdash, and sales reflect that.

I've downsized, and switched to the other side of the shop
to give myself a swift kick of newness.  Fingers crossed!

There have been sales, though.
In this picture, below, all the chairs but one are sold.  The pink table?  Gone!
The white nightstand?  Gone!  So are the big oil painting on the left wall,
and the 6-board chest on the left -- one of my favorites!

This little bombe chest?  Gone to another home!

Too many smalls to list, thank goodness!
Also selling - old home decor magazines.
They aren't really vintage, but they have loads of ideas of 
how to use vintage and antique furnishings in a home.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2014.
What more could we want? -- Cass

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