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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fill 'er Up! Stocking The Booth

Out with the old . . . 
and In with the old!

There are some new old things in the booth.

Ms. Gilda would like to introduce you to a small-scale mahogany
bombe chest, with a William Morris paper decoupage top.

She's a curvy gal.

A formerly beat-up 1940s mahogany chest has new life
in a coat of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint,
and a well-buffed coat of wax.  Decoupage on top: origami squares
and Ralph Lauren glaze in tobacco.

Whoa.  Pink.
A 50 year old lift-off tray table gets a glam
treatment with hot pink paint, and a 
modern decoupage paper under the glass.

Snazzy.  And very pink.
Yes, it's a strong but beautiful color, and such fun.

 I can see martini glasses and bowls of
Cheez-Its on this table, can't you?

 Somerville Center Antiques is at 34 West Main Street in
downtown  Somerville, New Jersey.  Lots and lots of dealers,
but I think I'm the only one with a
hot pink tray table in residence just now.

Lots of new "smalls," too - from the serious to the very silly.
Which makes it fun!  -- Cass

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